What Do Your Fees Cover?

Our Club Fees include (but are not limited to) the following:  All Registration Fees,
Tournament Entry Fees,  Apparel Package, Administration Fees, Coaches Fees and Gym Rental.

What Do Your Fees NOT Cover?

Your fees do not cover hotel and travel expenses.

{At KEVC we are willing to work with each individual family on a payment plan that works for you.  
Please don't hesistate to contact us with questions or concerns regarding the fees for the season.}

Uniform Package

3 Practice Shirts, 2 Game Uniforms, 2 Pairs of Spandex, 1 Pair of Kneepads, 2 Pairs of Game Socks,
1 Travel Suit, 1 Warm Up Shirt, 1 Back-pack, 1 Water Bottle, 1 Pair of Shoes

This uniform package will be adjusted based on the level of the team.  All items are yours to keep following the season.



*This schedule is still tentative -- but this is what we would like to attend for 2019.  Please bring any conflicts for these dates to tryouts*





12's:  This team will be comprised of athletes in 4-6th grade who are just getting started playing volleyball.  There will be a strong emphasis on skill development and learning how to play the game the right way from the start.  Players who make this team can anticipate 1-2 practices per week as well as 5 tournaments.  The start of the season is the beginning of January.

13/14's:  Our 2019 14's team will be made up of 7th and 8th graders who are looking to take their game to the next level.  There will be a strong emphasis on skill development and an introduction to team strategy and gameplay.  Players should expect to learn the correct way to perform all volleyball skills, as well as starting to get more comfortable with their specific positions/rotations/team roles.  Players who make this team can anticipate 2 practices per week as well as 2-3 two day tournaments and 3-4 single day tournaments.  This team doesn't carry as heavy of schedule as our 15s team, but will be tested and pushed at their tournaments. The anticipated team schedule will run from January-Mid May. 

15's-17's:  Players who make one of our National Level Teams should expect to be pushed every single practice and match to be the best that they can.  We have very high expectations for our athletes as volleyball players and overall people.  We enjoy getting to know each of these players on a personal level to build trust and create life long friendships.  Recruiting help and contact with college coaches starts at the 15's level and becomes more consistent and relavant the older they get.  Players who make one of our teams at this level should come to practice with the expectation that they are going to make themselves and their teammates better.  A love for the game, commitment to succeed and strong work ethic are a MUST to make one of these teams.  Players should expect two practices per week.  The season will begin in January and finish at the end of June.  

18's:  Our 18's team is made up with players who are planning to continue their volleyball career at the collegiate level.   Athletes on our 18s teams are expected to be committed to the entire KEVC season.  Conflicts must be given prior to tryouts and will be taken into consideration when choosing teams.  Tournament schedules will be based on player schedules and conflicts.